Primary Veterans Organization
The Primary Veterans Organization (PVO) of "AZhC" JSC was established on April 17, 2019, at
the founding meeting chaired by Mukhit Abikeevich Umbetov - Chairman of the Board of the
The PVO operates in accordance with the Regulation on the Primary Veterans Organization.
The governing body of the PVO is the Council of Veterans consisting of 7 members: B.T.
Abdigulov, B.O. Akkuliyev, L.A. Zharzhanova, G.V. Kim, M.E. Kubegenov, J.G. Kuzhaliyev,
A.A. Fedorov.
At an extraordinary meeting of the Council of Veterans, Madiyar Eraliyevich Kubegenov was
elected Chairman of the Primary Veterans Organization, and L.A. Zharzhanova was elected
The goals and objectives of the PVO are defined by the Regulation on the Primary Veterans
• Ensuring a dignified social and domestic status for veterans, their participation in public
life, protection of the rights and freedoms of veterans (pensioners);
• Improving the material and housing conditions, cultural, household, medical, and other
services for veterans;
• Involving veterans in educational work with youth in educational institutions, collectives,
based on the traditions of combat and labor glory of the older generations, the best
national traditions of our ancestors. Cultivating a sense of Kazakhstani patriotism among
young people;
• Perpetuating the memory of defenders of the Motherland by creating and preserving
museums, monuments, and memorials;
• Participating in efforts to strengthen interethnic and interfaith harmony, stability in
Toleugali Alkeevich Tleubaev
Advisor of the Chairman of the Board on Veterans Affairs
Phone: +7 727 300-06-54
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