The first diesel power station with three generators, each with a capacity of 170 kW, was
An energy department was created under the People's Commissariat for Communal Service, the
Council of People's Commissars of the Kazakh SSR, within which an office for the operation
and installation of electrical networks was created.
A branched line of 6 kV overhead power lines was created.
Before the start of the Great Patriotic War, the first 35 kV power transmission line and the CPP-
HPP-7-11 were built to supply power for the construction of the Alma-Ata Cascade Networks on
the Big Almatinka River, which began in 1937. With the onset of the Great Patriotic War, the
development of state electric networks was suspended. During this period, there was a tense
situation with electricity supply; some industrial enterprises and institutions were evacuated, and
all the workers' efforts were directed towards constructing the lower HPP of the hydroelectric
cascade on the Big Almatinka River. The rapid development of the Alma-Ata electric networks
characterized the post-war period.
August 9
By Order No.157 of the People's Commissariat of Power Stations of the SSR, to organize the
power supply and maintain proper order in the operation of power stations and the construction
of new HPP in the territory of Kazakhstan, the Kazakh Regional Power Management
"Kazakhenergo" (renamed "Alma-Ataenergo" since 1963) was established in Alma-Ata city. It
was responsible for overseeing the Alma-Ata Central Power Plant (CPP), the Alma-Ata Electric
Network Management, and the newly constructed HPP after they commenced operations.
The first 35/6 kV electric substations were built and commissioned - AHMBP with a capacity of
10 MVA and the Kirov Plant with a capacity of 5.6 MVA.
The construction of power plants of the Cascade HPP has been resumed and the construction of
two 35kV chain overhead lines “Cascade HPP-CPP”, SS-35kV, CPP-ACB-90, constructed
OHL-35kV CPP-SS8 and SS-35/6kV was started.
The construction of the external 110 kV power supply ring of Almaty city was mostly
completed, and the 6 kV overhead power lines in the central part of the city were replaced with
cables. Due to the rapid development of electricity consumption in the Alma-Ata power system,
there was a shortage of electric power. A decision was made to construct a 220 kV power
transmission line, connecting the Alma-Ata and Kyrgyz power systems.
The 220 kV power line "Alma-Ata-Bystrovka-Frunze" was commissioned. In the same year, the
220 kV "Textile" substation was reconstructed, and a 220 kV outdoor switchgear was built at

The second 220 kV power transmission line "Alma-Ata-Glavnaya" was constructed and
A pivotal moment in the development of the Almaty power grid was the incorporation of the SS-
500 and the implementation of 500 kV voltage, achieved by connecting the OVL-500 kV and the
№514А “Almaty-Frunze” line, as well as an autotransformer group with a capacity of 167 MVA.
The 500kV "Agadyr-SK-SDPP-Alma-Ata" electric transmission lines were constructed, enabling
the reception of electricity during peak electrical loads from both the energy systems of Northern
Kazakhstan and Northern Asia. This ensured a reliable power supply to the consumers of the
Almaty power system by covering the power deficit in the Almaty and Taldykorgan regions with
electric sources from Northern Kazakhstan. Consequently, the Almaty Electricity Network
Enterprise became a highly developed energy enterprise within the Almaty power system,
capable of solving complex tasks in providing consumers with reliable and high-quality
electricity. The Almaty power system was integrated into the Unified Energy System.
"Almaty Power Consolidated" JSC (comprising the departments of CPP-1-2-3, HBP, Kapchagay
HPP, Cascade HPP, ARENC, UEDN, PRP, CPVT, and the Head Office) was the main successor
to the state-owned company "Almatyenergo," which was privatized by the Belgian company
"Tractebel S.A." (Belgium).
The founder of the Company was LLP "Tractebel C-I-S-Central Asia." The main activities of the
Society included electricity generation, transmission, transformation, conversion, distribution,
and supply of electricity, heat, and steam. The Society was a vertically integrated energy
company formed as part of the privatization of the energy sector in Almaty city and Almaty
May 18
By the current legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the company was re-registered as
"Tractebel's" 60% share in Powerfin Holding was sold to "KazTransGas" CJSC. The remaining
40% of "Powerfin Holding" shares were purchased from "Iktus International N.V." (Netherlands
Antilles, Curacao, Chuchubiweg 17) and were acquired later in several stages.
The Akimat of Almaty bought 100% of the shares of "Powerfin Holding", becoming the sole
owner of "APC" JSC.
Due to the impossibility of "APC" JSC repaying its financial obligations to "Halyk Bank of
Kazakhstan" JSC, the Government of Kazakhstan adopted Resolution No. 653 dated June 30,

2005 "On measures to ensure the proper functioning of the energy complex of the city of
Almaty" on the purchase of the property complex of "APC' JSC company by "KazTransGas".

June 30
By the current legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the company was re-registered as
June 30
An Agreement on the Assignment of Claims (Cession) was signed between "KazTransGas" JSC
(Successor), "Halyk Bank of Kazakhstan" JSC (Creditor), and "Almaty Power Consolidated"
JSC (Debtor), by which the Successor fulfilled all obligations to the Creditor.
August 17
"Powerfin Holding" transfers 100% of the shares of "Almaty Power Consolidated" JSC to the
ownership of "KazTransGas" JSC.
"APC" JSC is under the management of "Samruk-Energo" JSC. Later, based on the decision of
the Board of Directors of "KazTransGas" JSC dated July 14, 2009, "APC" JSC was transferred
to the structure of "Samruk-Energo" JSC.
The main procedures for restructuring "Almaty Power Consolidated" JSC were completed. The
activities of APC were restructured as follows: the production of thermal and electrical energy
was transferred to "Almaty Heat Networks" JSC (hereinafter referred to as AHT); the
transmission and distribution of heat and hot water were assigned to "Almaty Heat Networks"
JSC (hereinafter referred to as AHT, which is currently "AHT" LLP; the production of electrical
energy, thermal energy, and hot water in Aktobe was transferred to "Aktobe CPP" JSC
(hereinafter referred to as ACPP).
At that time, APC owned 100% of the shares of these subsidiary organizations, except for
"AHT" LLP, which was transferred to the communal ownership of Almaty city in October 2007.
Currently, "AHT" LLP is owned by the Almaty City Administration.
January 26
Following subparagraph 2, paragraph 6, Article 42 of the Civil Code of the Republic of
Kazakhstan and Order No. 04-p of "KMG-Energo" JSC, "Almaty Power Consolidated" JSC was
re-registered as "Alatau Zharyk Company" JSC (JSC "AZC") due to a change in the name.