Doing Business

As part of improving the conditions for doing business and the country's entry into the
top 30 developed nations of the world, "Alatau Zharyk Company" JSC represents the Republic
of Kazakhstan in the World Bank's Doing Business ranking in the "Connection to the power
supply system" indicator.
The Doing Business report has been compiled for the 17th time and covers 190 countries
worldwide. It examines regulatory norms that either facilitate or hinder business development
throughout the entire business cycle, including starting a business, operating a business,
engaging in foreign trade activities, paying taxes, as well as the level of investor protection.
In 2019, Kazakhstan moved up three positions in the World Bank's “Doing Business
2020” ranking and entered the top 25 countries for the first time. According to the World Bank’s
report, Kazakhstan ranked 25th, moving up three positions over the year and 11 positions over
the last two years (2017 – 36th place, 2018 – 28th place).
Kazakhstan is evaluated on 10 basic indicators in total. Out of the 10 basic indicators,
Kazakhstan improved its position in 3 indicators.
The World Bank's report notes that Kazakhstan has shown significant growth in three
indicators, one of which is "Connection to the power supply system" (+9 positions), moving
from 76th to 67th place.
"Alatau Zharyk Company" JSC is conducting systematic and planned work to optimize
the process of connecting to the electric networks. A new Regulation for the connection of
consumers' electrical installations to the electric networks of "AZhC" JSC №5, dated April 9,
2019, has been developed and approved by the Board's decision, significantly simplifying the
connection procedure - where previously the consumer had to interact with the staff of "AZhC"
JSC in 7 stages, now it is only in 3 stages:
1. When obtaining technical conditions
2. When participating in acceptance tests
3. When energizing the electrical installation (accepting the commercial accounting
system and applying voltage)
The number of documents required from consumers has been reduced; if previously the
consumer had to provide more than 10 documents for the connection of the electrical
installation, now only two documents are required:
1. A copy of the technical conditions
2. A copy of the power supply project
Report on the reliability indicators of power supply for 2021
Report on the reliability indicators of power supply for 2020

Connection to the power supply system