Professional Development of Employees

“Alatau Zharyk Company” JSC pays significant attention to training, development, and
enhancement of employee qualifications. Annually, a training plan for the upcoming year is
formulated based on the company's needs.
To develop the professionalism of its employees and systematically enhance their qualifications,
the company conducts:
- Fire safety minimum training for staff;
- Annual training in industrial safety specialties (rigger, welder, crane operator, hydraulic lift
operator, obtaining permits for working at heights in a cradle, climbing, installation work,
thermal welding of wires, individuals responsible for safe operation, production of hazardous
industrial materials, etc.);
- Mandatory training for managers, specialists, and individuals responsible for safe production in
safety and occupational health;
- Regular participation in seminars, trainings, forums, conferences, symposiums, roundtable
meetings, exhibitions, courses in various fields;
- Initial anti-terrorism training for managers, specialists, and responsible individuals;
- Training on civil defense matters;
- Training and certification of financial and economic block employees;
- Training of staff at the St. Petersburg Energy Institute of Advanced Training, St. Petersburg.
On a permanent basis, the upgrading of the rank/group of qualifications of the working personnel
is carried out (training according to an individual program at the workplace for working
professions). The employer funds the payment for education (distance learning) at the Almaty
University of Power Engineering and Telecommunications (AUPET) and the Almaty College of
Power Engineering and Electronic Technologies (ACPEET). Also, contracts for internships have
been concluded between "Alatau Zharyk Company" JSC and educational institutions AUPET