The Company Today
"Alatau Zharyk Company" JSC is a major electric power company that engages in the
transmission and distribution of electric power to consumers in Almaty city and Almaty region.
As of today, "AZhC" JSC supplies electricity to approximately 4 million people in the area.
The company's activities are focused on providing reliable and uninterrupted electricity supply to
consumers and strengthening the energy stability of the region. The sole shareholder of "Alatau
Zharyk Company" JSC is «Samruk-Energy» JSC.
The "AZhC" JSC's balance sheet ownership includes voltage networks of voltage classes 220-
110-35-10-6-0.4 kV.
The company comprises:
 Overhead power lines with a voltage of 220 kV, extending 410.34 km;
 Overhead power lines with a voltage of 110 kV, extending 2698.95 km;
 Electric networks with a voltage of 35 kV – overhead and cable lines with a total length
of 2602.87 km;
 Distribution power lines of 10/0.4 kV overhead and cable lines with a full size of
23,571.75 km.
On the balance sheet of AZhC are the following:
 209 substations with a voltage of 35 kV and higher;
 6,762 distribution transformer substations with a voltage of 6-10/0.4 kV;
 A total of 8,474 transformers 6-220 kV with a combined capacity of 9,808.2 MVA.
Our Mission
To ensure reliable operation and efficient development of electric networks in the company's
area of operation to meet the growing loads of the Almaty city and Almaty region.
Our Vision
The electric network company that is leading in the southern zone of the Republic of
Kazakhstan's Unified Energy System.
Our Values:
We are always ready to help and provide support.
We act openly to build trust with colleagues and partners.
We are committed to mentorship, preserving, and transferring experience.
We are responsible for uninterrupted and quality work.
We are responsible for future generations and careful about the environment and ecology.
We are committed to creating safe, comfortable, and competitive working conditions.
We are true to our commitments.
In resolving any issues, we objectively assess the situation and act fairly.
We apply equal requirements and provide equal opportunities.
We value the opinions of others, offering them the opportunity to express themselves and be

We conscientiously approach assigned tasks and enjoy our work.
We are professionals in our field, constantly improving and achieving results.
To increase efficiency, we seek different perspectives and apply various methods.
Our people
Our main resource is human capital.
The company employs about 4,000 employees. We value each of them and strive to create all
conditions for their professional growth.
The company's team includes people who have received high state awards and honorary
diplomas, such as the " Qūrmet " medal, the "Eren eñbegı üşın" medal, the Honored Power
Engineer of the CIS, the Honored Power Engineer of the Kazakhstan Electric Power Association
(KEPA), the Honorary Power Engineer of KEPA, the Veteran of KEPA, the medal of the
"KAZENERGY" Association, the Honorary Diplomas of "Samruk-Kazyna" National Welfare
Fund JSC, the Honorary Diplomas of the Akim of Almaty city, and others.