Youth Organization
The youth organization "Alataý Jastary" was formed in 2019 within the framework of the "Year
of Youth".
The youth organization "Alataý Jastary" is a voluntary association of young people under the age
of 35, interested in representing and defending their interests in front of stakeholders of «Alatau
Zharyk Company " JSC.
The objectives of the youth organization "Alataý Jastary" are as follows:
 Promoting and supporting initiatives aimed at the professional, spiritual, physical, and
moral development of organization members, young employees of the company.
 Contributing to the continuity of generations, strengthening the company's prestige.
 Participating in addressing social and household problems of youth, young and low-
income families.
 Organizing work to improve the professional skills of youth, enhancing the prestige of
the profession.
 Developing and implementing various programs aimed at meeting the cultural, leisure
needs of organization members and young employees of the enterprise, including a wide
range of events.
 Providing information and explanatory work on the company's activities.
 Participating in the development and implementation of company youth programs.
By call at +7 727 376 15 30